Example Projects

  • CounterExample: A very simple counter app implemented with ReSwift.
  • CounterExample-Navigation-TimeTravel: This example builds on the simple CounterExample app, adding time travel with ReSwiftRecorder and routing with ReSwiftRouter.
  • GitHubBrowserExample: A real world example, involving authentication, network requests and navigation. Still WIP but should be the best resource for starting to adapt ReSwift in your own app.
  • ReduxMovieDB: A simple App that queries the tmdb.org API to display the latest movies. Allows searching and viewing details.
  • Meet: A real world application being built with ReSwift - currently still very early on. It is not up to date with the latest version of ReSwift, but is the best project for demonstrating time travel.
  • Redux-Twitter: A basic Twitter search implementation built with ReSwift and RxSwift, involing Twitter authentication, network requests and navigation.
  • CounterExample-SwiftUI: CounterExample using SwiftUI.

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