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ReSwift is a Redux-like implementation of the unidirectional data flow architecture in Swift. ReSwift helps you to separate three important concerns of your app’s components:

  • State: in a ReSwift app the entire app state is explicitly stored in a data structure. This helps avoid complicated state management code, enables better debugging and has many, many more benefits…
  • Views: in a ReSwift app your views update when your state changes. Your views become simple visualizations of the current app state.
  • State Changes: in a ReSwift app you can only perform state changes through actions. Actions are small pieces of data that describe a state change. By drastically limiting the way state can be mutated, your app becomes easier to understand and it gets easier to work with many collaborators.

The ReSwift library is tiny - allowing users to dive into the code, understand every single line and hopefully contribute.

ReSwift is quickly growing beyond the core library, providing experimental extensions for routing and time traveling through past app states!

Excited? So are we 🎉

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